Some nice things people have said about our work, together...


Legal Services NYC, New York NY, July 2016/October 2017

Julie and Mary delivered a phenomenal training. The materials were well structured, with topics that built upon each other carefully and related directly to our client work. It was incredibly useful—and so much fun! We would love to have them back.
— Hima Mallampati Gleason, Director of Legal Education
Wonderful! It challenges me to re-think how we advocate for clients.
— Lorilei Williams, Director, Immigration Law Project at Staten Island Legal Services
This has been the most challenging CLE, and everyone was engaged. Enjoyed it.
— Vito Roman, Staff Attorney
This was one of the most interesting trainings we’ve had. I usually hate too much interaction and participation because it feels forced or awkward, but Julie and Mary were great at drawing participants out and fostering a great learning dynamic. THANK YOU.
— Anonymous
This should be required training for supervisors as well as staff.
— Cathy Barreda, Staff Attorney


NLADA annual conference, Indianapolis IN, November 2016

Best training I’ve attended in 10 years. This should be the framework for discussing LSC outcomes; client intake and case acceptance; advocacy and fundraising.
Thought-provoking and helpful in assisting and evaluating clients. Mary and Julie are very engaging, knowledgeable and dedicated to their work.


 Florida Public Defender Association winter conference/juvenile justice track, Naples FL, December 2016

Most useful thing I’ve done at this conference. Great.
Loved the breakdown of storytelling and also how to manage bias. Very informed and intelligent.

...and individually

Julie Polk

Julie’s notes are incredible. Having a rubric of how to analyze dramatic story structure made every comment actionable. And they had that just-right tone of feedback that isn’t negative but is critical. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.
— Alex Goldmark, Visiting Assistant Professor, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism
Julie’s a brilliant teacher. It’s amazing what a difference knowing and using her work makes. If you speak in front of groups, tell stories, or want to tell stories, work with her.
— Lori Baird, Host/producer, Talk Therapy Storytelling
Julie engages in creative teaching solutions in order to develop trust and empathy with students from various backgrounds. Her ability to connect with such a diverse student body has made her one of the most popular instructors in the department.
— Mark A. Pottinger, Ph.D., Chair, Visual & Performing Arts, Manhattan College
Julie’s great at recognizing what needs to be amplified, what’s missing, and what should be jettisoned entirely. If you’re lucky enough to get the chance to collaborate with or study under her, don’t hesitate. I only wish I had her performance chops!
— Julie Threlkeld, Principal Content Strategist, Pitney Bowes
In one day I learned more from her than any professor has ever taught me in a whole semester.
— Christina G., student, Manhattan College

Mary Adkins

Mary has a singular eye for narrative and storytelling. While lawyers frequently find themselves lost down the rabbit hole of distinguishing cases and balancing five factor tests, Mary ensures we keep our focus on what truly matters: the humans at the heart of every legal case. I have frequently relied on Mary’s talents, particularly when trying to package complex ideas for non-lawyers, and have benefited from her help enormously.
— Christine Clarke, Directing Attorney, Civil Rights Justice Initiative, Legal Services NYC
Mary gave a presentation on storytelling to over 200 attorneys at our annual training seminar for death penalty lawyers...Mary is not only a brilliant storyteller herself, but I believe she has mastered how to teach her skill in such a way that it can literally change outcomes in the criminal justice system.
— Sonya Rudenstine, Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
She sets the bar for what an instructor should be.
— Victoria W., Equal Justice America