For Lawyers

Complaints and briefs

Facts are boring—until they're not. Whether affirmative litigation or defensive litigation, we will help you structure the storytelling portion of your complaint or brief in a way that gets to the heart of the human experience. When you organize facts according to classic dramatic structures, you create an engaging narrative that is almost guaranteed to wake up that 25-year-old clerk.

Shaping opening and closing arguments

When it's your turn to talk, what you say matters. We bring our proven expertise in story, presentation, and performance to help you craft and tell a narrative that is gripping, persuasive, and memorable.

Group workshops and one-on-one sessions

Story is involved in all aspects of legal work, from briefs to presentations inside and outside the courtroom. Interested in group or one-on-one coaching on how to hone your storytelling chops across the board? We offer group workshops (CLE credit may be available) and one-on-one coaching for individual attorneys.

For non-lawyers

Testimony prep & allocution

Your story is your greatest asset. Whether allocution, testimony, or something else, we work with you to pull out the rasa in your story—the heart of it that resonates with your audience, legal (judge) or non-legal (jury).