About Rasa

Rasa is the clean slate in Tabula Rasa. It's also a Sanskrit word meaning "essence, flavor, or sentiment of literature and drama." Even better, it is defined as "the primary feeling that is evoked in the person that views, reads or hears a work of art." To us, there is no more important story to boil down to its essence than one told in a context of legal stakes—whether those be life or death, justice, or recompense. 

Our agency evolved from a serendipitous conversation in Manhattan in early 2016. We were co-leading a storytelling workshop at Cole Haan's headquarters, and Mary had recently returned from leading a workshop for over 200 capital defense attorneys in Florida. There, it had become clear that while the legal profession often attracts great storytellers, even the best schools and firms fail to continue to develop story chops. Like in other industries, there is too much else to learn and do. As often happens, story comes last.

Yet story is the first thing a listener can grab hold of, and the final thing they remember. The feeling of the story—the emotions it evoked, how authentic it seemed—last long after the listener must revisit details of the plot or request the facts on record. Raw talent has never been enough for a writer, a performer, or a lawyer to tell their tales to perfection. In matters as dependent on narrative and delivery as matters of law, we offer advisors, curricula, and helping hands—whichever is most useful to your work.